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August 7th, 2008

Bad Company’s Conquest mode arrives today

Do you still remember what made Battlefield games special? Any self-respecting FPS fan is likely to have experienced his or her share of Conquest, the multiplayer mode that placed developer Digital Illusions CE on the who’s who of first-person shooting. As you may have heard, Battlefield: Bad Company didn’t come with the gametype when it […]

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July 31st, 2008

Mass Effect DLC brings down the sky

I did not see this coming. Mass Effect’s “Bring Down the Sky” downloadable content was released the other day and I didn’t even notice. Best of all, the DLC is free. You know how it’s like with me and free stuff. Then again, everyone loves free stuff, especially when they’re related to video games.
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June 30th, 2008

Trailer gives details on free Rainbow Six Vegas 2 DLC

Remember the free expansion (a.k.a. “Fan Pack”) for Rainbow Six Vegas 2? If you’ve wondered about the little details that would come with the update but are too lazy to read the miniscule explanation, then look no further. Ubisoft, the game’s developer and publisher, has created a video that explains all the little […]

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March 25th, 2008

Not-so-new Halo 3 map pack is available for free download

Do any of you spend for downloadable map packs? There’s the “Legendary” map pack for Halo 3 coming out in a couple of weeks but it would cost you 800 points. This is equivalent to $10 if you live in the U.S., but if you’re based someplace else, you can consult this table for the […]

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January 31st, 2008

GRAW 2 has new DLC, but it’s only for the Xbox 360

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 has new downloadable content, and it’s called the Co-op Collection. If you own an Xbox 360, then you’re in luck because the package seems to be available for that console only. The DLC comes with a new co-op campaign and nine maps, seven of which are from previous Ghost Recon […]

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