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May 28th, 2008

Bioshock PS3 release date revealed

We finally had our “told-you-so” moment when Bioshock was confirmed for the PlayStation 3. Now that it’s out of the way, we’ll tell you when it’s coming out. According to a 2K Games press release, Bioshock for the PS3 will be available in October 2008.
The press release also mentioned that there will be new content […]

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May 26th, 2008

Penny Arcade looks at PS3 Bioshock “hate”

We’ve all heard of Bioshock coming to the PlayStation 3 for the longest time. I’ve raised this issue at least a couple of occasions. When Penny Arcade brought up the notion that a number of staunch PS3 fans “hate” (or as the comic suggests, “feel a blend of semi-grudging acceptance and cautious enthusiasm”) the 2K-developed […]

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February 15th, 2008

2K Games licenses Unreal Engine 3

Here’s something that would leave you thinking: Epic Games announced that its Unreal Engine 3 will be used for unannounced games in development by 2K Games, the publisher of recent bestseller Bioshock.
As you know, Bioshock uses a modified version of the Unreal Engine 3, so this news doesn’t come as a surprise at all. However, […]

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January 18th, 2008

More fuel to fan the Bioshock-for-the-PS3 flame?

Looks like Crytek isn’t the only major developer looking for PS3 programmers. 2K Boston (they’ll always be Irrational Games to me), the brains behind Bioshock, is looking for a tools programmer with “PS3 and production experience using Python or Ruby,” and a senior console programmer.
Interestingly, the comments at PS3 Fanboy lean towards a new IP. […]

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December 6th, 2007

To hell with exclusives—Bioshock is coming to the PS3

Speaking of Bioshock, there’s been buzz that the PC-and-Xbox-360 exclusive is coming to the PS3. According to Destructoid, the Official PlayStation Magazine UK announced that Bioshock is coming to Sony’s much-maligned console.

Apparently, 2K Games promised limited exclusivity, stating that the game would “hit next-generation consoles.” Yes, “consoles” is in plural.

Does this imply that […]

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December 6th, 2007

Bioshock gets patched—here’s to more enemy types?

If you’ve been wallowing in technical problems and didn’t pay attention to gaming news for a week like me, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised over this update. You see, Bioshock has new downloadable content for PC and Xbox 360 gamers. The content includes new Plasmids and Tonics, achievements, interface upgrades, and is now available as […]

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November 1st, 2007

How the real Big Daddy and Little Sister would look in your kitchen

Sigh. The things kids do for their parents. Sometimes, you wonder who the adult is. This video is a very good example:

Yes, it’s silly, it’s funny, but it’s also endearing.
Happy Halloween!

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October 3rd, 2007

Bioshock annoyances #2: Shooting splicers are fun—up to a certain point

So Bioshock gives me a headache when I play for long periods. I can still enjoy it for a couple of hours, right? I take in the twisted art deco, the awesome eye candy, and the superior audio for 120 minutes or so, then log out happy, right?

Taking in the atmosphere may put a […]

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September 24th, 2007

Bioshock annoyance #1: Motion sickness gives that Half-Life 2 feeling

You’ve played 3D shooters for the longest time. Your accomplished games are worth around 10 years of action from Unreal Tournament, all those Jedi Knight titles, F.E.A.R., Doom 3, No One Lives Forever 2, Halo 1 and 2, and Duke Nukem, among a few.

Sure, you may have felt a little sick when you played […]

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September 24th, 2007

Before Bioshock’s superiority was System Shock 2’s piss-inducing frights

That’s correct. You may be having the time of your life in Rapture, but let’s not forget its spiritual predecessor—the space horror game titled System Shock 2. Granted that SS2 is the sequel to the ancient System Shock, but I’m here to promote my retro review on the former.

SS2 is just plain fantastic. While […]

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September 20th, 2007

The vigil is over: so THIS is Rapture

Yes, you read right. I finally have a personal copy of Bioshock, and have the scars to prove it.

After a lot of waiting, I’ve finally gotten a taste of Rapture. Other than the fact that Bioshock is currently a hot game (despite the crazy buzz generated by Halo 3), I’m going to make the […]

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September 20th, 2007

Cliffy B. says Bioshock is his Game of the Year

Clifford Bleszinski, Epic Games’ superstar designer, loves Bioshock. Cliffy B. loves it so much that he considers it his game of the year. Not Halo 3 (which isn’t out yet as of this writing), not Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, or whatever AAA title that’s set to come out late 2007.

The designer then proceeds to […]

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