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Uwe Boll has a new video game and he’s “happy” with it

by User ImageMike on September 19th, 2008

If it weren’t for various online sources, one wouldn’t know that the video above has anything to do with journalist-pummeling director Uwe Boll. Apparently, Boll is directing an upcoming war film titled 1968 Tunnel Rats, and the clip you’re watching is the FPS based on the movie.

Boll told Eurogamer that the shooter is being developed by Replay Studios, and that he is “happy” with the game. Considering that Boll is also happy with his string of universally-reviled movies, then this new FPS may just end up as fodder for the director’s harshest critics (i.e. everybody).

According to Boll, 1968 Tunnel Rats uses the Vietcong engine. If you recall, Vietcong had technical issues that caused choppy visuals. This is probably why the clip is also jerky, but we’d rather think it’s because the game has something to do with Uwe Boll.

1968 Tunnel Rats is being developed for the Xbox 360 and PC. It would be published by CDV and would be released this autumn.

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