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Updated: Google to purchase Valve, Valve denies rumor

by User ImageMike on September 19th, 2008

If the rumors are true, is Left 4 Dead the last EA-published Valve game?

We think Valve Software is pretty cool, coming out with outstanding shooters like Half-Life, Team Fortress, and Portal, to name a few. The Washington-based developer also created Steam, which is arguably the best content delivery system out there. So when rumors of Google planning to purchase Valve turned up, we can’t help but pay attention.

Does this mean Google is entering the video games arena? Perhaps not. According to The Inquirer, Google seems to be interested in Valve because of Steam.

The Inquirer writes:

“Google Portal may be a nice idea, but that is irrelevant. Google Content Distribution (Beta) however should make just about every other competitor lose several years of sleep, most of their remaining hair, and large gobs of stock price.

Valve has the best content distribution platform out there, bar none. Steam may have had rough patches here and there, but they are almost all ironed out now, and just about everyone that matters has signed up to use it.

When Google picks them up, it will be a clean kill, no one else will matter. It is a good buy for them, a good thing for Valve, and in general, good for everyone except MS. Then again, they are irrelevant now, so who cares?”

Update: Valve told MTV Multiplayer that the Google rumor is a “complete fabrication.” Those were the exact words of Valve PR guy Doug Lombardi.

Image of Left 4 Dead is courtesy of Valve.

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