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Riddick’s Escape from Butcher Bay can’t evade attention

by Mike on February 27th, 2008

You may have noticed in my previous post that I have a shortcut to The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay on my desktop. If you’re a regular here, then you probably know that Vin Diesel’s movie-to-game effort is my most-coveted FPS.I was hankering after that game for so long that I just had to use it as the image for that post.

Well, my wait is over. I finally did manage to get a copy. How? Let’s just say I’m friends with a certain shop owner and I’ve bugged her for a long time.

This game won’t ever escape my radar.

Consider my entries about Butcher Bay as a primer of things to come in Assault on Dark Athena, a remake of the 2004 “shooter.” While the remake isn’t probably something to look forward to when the original was created a mere four years ago, Dark Athena is said to include a multiplayer mode that was disappointingly absent from Butcher Bay.

Let’s not forget that the remake’s single player mode would include the titular Riddick’s escape into a mercenary ship named Dark Athena. Naturally, the remake would also have improved graphics and AI.

Are you stoked for Dark Athena yet? Well, don’t get too excited. There’s not much word on when it’s coming out. Major game sites like GameSpot and IGN provide a terse “TBA” or “TBA 2008” and nothing else.

Until then, I will be spending a lot of time in Butcher Bay.

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