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Crap-Detector: Crysis is prettier in DirectX 10

by Mike on October 31st, 2007

Stones never looked this good in Crysis

Remember that bit about Crysis needing DirectX 10 (and Windows Vista) so that you can view all the eye candy in their gorgeous glory? Well, forget I ever mentioned it.

Some geniuses at the Crysis-Online forums have just discovered that by simply copying and pasting a line in Crysis’ configuration file, you can now enable the supposed DirectX 10-exclusive features even if you’re using Windows XP.

We’d like to thank everyone who shared this knowledge and figuratively stuck it to the Man.

What does this development imply? How about this: Crytek took out the “very high” settings so that we would buy Vista. No rocket science needed for that one.

I just hope the retail version of Crysis won’t include a “fix” that would prevent us from doing so.

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9 opinions for Crap-Detector: Crysis is prettier in DirectX 10

  • Droniac
    Oct 31, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    Actually this is common practice in DirectX 10 games: the main reason they limit certain graphical features to DX10 is because it’ll run, a lot, better under DX10. The same was done with World in Conflict and BioShock for example.

    Also - I have to say the Very High (DX10 max) setting does NOT look better than the High (DX9 max) setting in Crysis. They certainly look different, but it’s very hard to call one ‘better’ than the other. Very High looks very raw and has a more realistic touch, but also seems almost as though someone left overbright (Quake) on. High on the other hand is definitely more artsy, but as such is filled with color and in my opinion looks more attractive, albeit less realistic.

  • Mike
    Nov 1, 2007 at 10:14 pm

    Good point. Then again, why shove DirectX 10 down our throats? Crytek could just allow the very high feature for those who can.

    Because you know, even if the option isn’t grayed out, I still wouldn’t use it. Why? Because I know my machine can’t.

  • Core
    Mar 21, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    Since my first post was “moderated” (Why, I have no clue… it was not of a flaming nature), I will try this again…

    There are several flaws in your post/blog. First off, and most important, Crytek is not trying to sell vista - if they were you would not have been able to do that trick in the first place (They are not dumb - I am sure they know you could simply copy and paste the Very High settings over).

    Second, DX10 is a more optimized and better version of DX9. Any DX10 exclusive features are most likely not in DX9, or are simulated by DX9 (Just not as good as DX10). DX10 can have more effects, as well as some other things that I wont go into (Don’t remember / don’t feel like looking it up right now).

    If crytek were to take *full* use of DX10, I doubt any of the current technology could properly handle it (It can barely handle it now?).

    And as a final note, I would highly recommend using third party configurations (Which you can find on the crymod site, as well as other places) - they look a lot better than the games normal configurations (At any level), and run a lot better.

    @Whoever moderates/checks these: If there is something wrong with this post, can you please state so in an E-Mail so I -know- what I am doing wrong? Thanks…

  • Mike
    Mar 23, 2008 at 9:06 am

    Sorry for the late response, Core. Your comments came over a long holiday.

    “DX10 is a more optimized and better version of DX9. It can have more effects on the screen than DX9, as well as other stuff im not going to go into.”

    If this were true, then why can the “very high” DirectX 10 effects be used in XP? Wasn’t this what I was just talking about?

    When you do feel like it, care to enlighten us as to the other stuff that DirectX10 can do?

  • Core
    Mar 23, 2008 at 11:25 am

    No problem on the comment, didnt realize. My comment was just gone, so I figured it was not accepted. Is there any chance you can delete my first comment? (The second is formed better). If not its fine.

    Forgive me, but to me it looked like you were just trying to join the bandwagon that Crytek is trying to ploy everyone into buying Vista. If I was mistaken, sorry.

    The reason “Very High” works in XP DX9 is because DX10 is a more optimized version of DX9. While DX9 != DX10, in crysis it (DX9) can simulate/emulate the effects done by DX10. Due to this, you will have a very similar look to DX10 Very High, but the DX9 “Very High” settings will not look as good as DX10 (Though, the difference is not all that noticeable unless you put 2 screenshots on top of each other and flip between the 2) - I would assume / guess this is due to the fact that we have most likely barely scratched the surface of what we can do with DX10 due to current hardware limitations. Crysis, as far as I know and have seen in the game previews before it was released, is going to be able to be pached up and “unlock” more features when the new hardware comes. I would guess they limited the graphics quality on the current version of crysis due to hardware limitations, and it would be unlocked as time goes on (The game is supposed to be graphically up to date for something like 2 years).

    If you look here: http://www.gamespot.com/features/6182140/index.html you can tell the small difference in quality between DX9 and DX10 running “Very High”, the small difference is less effects.

    I will have to get a friend of mine to give me an article he had (I lost the link in a format - forgot to back my bookmarks up) on the features of DX10.

    I, personally, think we will notice better things to come from DX10 over time, as hardware and drivers get better.

  • Mike
    Mar 23, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    Comment is deleted. ;)

    You’ve raised some very good points about DirectX10 and I appreciate that you shared them. And yes, I do see the difference–especially with the GameSpot link that you showed.

    There is one point that I don’t get though. Why did Crytek remove Very High for XP even if the OS really could run the game at those settings (albeit not quite the same level)? I think this is the reason why the “bandwagon” is very suspicious in the first place.

    Sure, Crytek may have “limited the graphics quality on the current version of crysis due to hardware limitations,” but like I told Droniac earlier, Crytek could just allow the very high feature for those who can.

    And I’m sure there are rigs out there that can.

    Make no mistake, I do agree with you regarding the difference between DirectX 10 and 9. It’s the developer’s motivation that we’re questioning.

  • Core
    Mar 25, 2008 at 3:51 pm


    Yea, I really am unsure why they did not. Technically speaking, what XP runs is not *Very High*, but emulated - so maybe they did not enable it because its not actually DX10 VeryHigh? Not sure though, just a guess.

    Also, I think there are physics limitations with the DX9 very high compared to DX10.

    Either way, I think using custom configs looks better than any of the graphics settings they have by default, and run better. My machine runs better graphics than very high flawlessly atm (Though, I only play on the editor - im not sure what my AA is). For me the game is about modding the C++ and messing with the sandbox2, since i beat the storyline.

  • Mike
    Mar 26, 2008 at 12:56 am


    You mentioned that custom configs look better than the default visual settings. How did you achieve this graphical bliss that makes eyes bleed? ;)

    I agree that it’s the technical stuff that keeps people fascinated. Crysis is like an advanced piece of hardware that the community likes to tinker with.

  • Core
    Mar 27, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    Personally, I use:


    I think it looks great. I run the Very High option in the installer - should see if I can handle the ultra high (Not really sure how much of a difference there is).

    And punching a korean hard enough to send him flying through a shack, 2 trees and into a hummer, then bouncing off that into space ftw :) (Not ragdoll, before anyone screams it). Perhaps I will stick a video on youtube once i get it working again (Formatted thinking “Oh, ill just redo it. Was not much work”, and now I cant get it to work right… I think i have an idea why though).

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