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Church of England forgives Sony

by Mike on October 24th, 2007

Sony is forgiven for Resistance

Do you still remember the spat between the Church of England and Sony? Let me re-jog your memory: The church alleged that Sony didn’t seek permission for using the Manchester Cathedral as a level in Resistance: Fall of Man, the first good FPS in the PS3.

Well, BBC said the church leaders at Manchester Cathedral have forgiven Sony.

Sony did apologize for using the graphics, but didn’t withdraw Resistance from store shelves. BBC also revealed that after the game didn’t win at the recent BAFTA, the cathedral’s dean remarked “I think some important lessons have been learnt.”

Yes, there are. First-person shooters don’t win in artsy-fartsy awards. They just sell well.

Was this “forgiveness” given out of the goodness of the church’s collective heart? Or was it because the squabble caused an increase in visits to the Manchester Cathedral from young people and tourists?

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