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Gaming vest provides force feedback

by Mike on October 23rd, 2007

This gaming vest should make Call of Duty 4 more interestingI’m sure all of you miss your DualShock. Sure, the pads may be coming next year, but that PS3 controller feels a little odd without the shakes. An email I received the other day made me think there might be more to force feedback than DualShock.

Meet surgeon Mark Ombrellaro, the designer of a tele-health device that ended up as a game accessory. Tell me if you’ve ever heard this one: 3rd Space, Ombrellaro’s brain child, is a vest that uses air pressure and feedback from video games to inflict pneumatic thumps to the spots on your torso where you were hit in the game.

It gets even better: the product will be launched with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. While 3rd Space won’t be shaking my hand(s), I’m looking forward to vibrations that will burn my love handles.

According to the good doctor, the vest was originally designed as a medical device, which is actually more sophisticated than the gaming peripheral. Imagine a vest that lets doctors conduct medical exams via the internet. How? Doctors would be able to poke you even when they’re hundreds of miles away.

I just hope there’ll never be a 3rd Space vest large enough to cover even the groin area.

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