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The Backlog Files: Vampires and shooters work, but severed arms don’t

by Mike on October 17th, 2007

Vampires want their hogs roasted

What’s a gamer got to do when he’s waiting for Gears of War for the PC? He works on his backlog of unfinished games, that’s what. Ever since my PC upgrade, I’ve been steadily eliminating my list and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is one of them.

Bloodlines is a three-year-old RPG/FPS that I put off playing because it’s a hog to play. It was a huge hog in 2004 and remains to be one today even when the machines are several times more powerful.

If you’re a huge Vampire fan, or if you appreciate good yarn, then you’ll forgive Bloodlines’ wonky combat. Yes, the melee system could really use an overhaul, but the role-play elements offered by the game emulate what the pen-and-paper system has.

Unlike the first Vampire RPG, the shooting portions in Bloodlines become more forgivable when you improve your character’s skill with ranged weapons. You’ll get your chance to put this to the test when you visit the Hollywood cemetery and take on that zombie-shooting mission, as long as you’re not using a Toreador.

I’m currently frequenting the Hollywood quests (the search for the Nosferatu, to be exact) and the pace has been much better because the loading times aren’t very punishing anymore. Before my upgrade, I had to stand a two-minute wait each time I visit a large area. Today, it’s been trimmed down to around 40 seconds, which is still pretty long compared to say, the Unreal Tournament 3 demo.

Anyone out there patient enough to play this game?

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