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FPS Rantings

Archive for December 2006

December 29th, 2006


Christmas has come and gone and most of you are all probably still playing what you got, and if anyone read the Must Have FPS games post then you are playing some good ones. That being said, if you DIDN’T get what you wanted or still need some sort of fix but don’t have the [...]

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December 21st, 2006

Must have FPS games

As the Christmas season looms (Holiday if you want to be politically correct) people are always curious as to what games they should get for the gamer in their life. Sadly, if your special someone is like me they already own most of the good games and this list is kinda of moot, but if [...]

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December 19th, 2006

CPL’s Severity

Some of you may know about the professional gaming organizations where gamers can compete in teams or 1 on 1 to earn cash prizes and what not. They’ve even gone so far to broadcast them on TV on occasion. One of the more prominent groups, the Cyberathlete Professional League(CPL) has announced that they are making [...]

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December 19th, 2006

Whispers of Prey 2

Computer and Video Games once again has the link. Today they took a look back at Prey and talk to some of the developers about certain features of the game. Such as Tommy’s girlfriend (Jen) and the alien ship, and the spirit walking deal. It’s a good take on seeing what they envisioned for [...]

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December 18th, 2006

More Halo 3

Today we’ve got an interview from ComputerandVideoGames on a most anticipated game, Halo 3. While not the longest interview they do ask some pertinent questions about weapons, vehicles, maps and multiplayer. It’s an interesting look at why things change as developers see the game being played a certain way and they respond to that.
Details [...]

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December 13th, 2006

Guess what WE got?!

If you’re a little slow and didn’t make the connection WE = Wii. Again the boss pulls through. I was busy working in our computer lab on a build for my company’s Christmas giveaway and he comes in. Lets me know that he’s got to Wii, err I mean. He’s got one. The console that [...]

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December 8th, 2006

FEARful Reminders

Quick heads up in case you forgot(I know you didn’t), the FEAR fragophobia tournament finals are being broadcast on Gamespot TV today at 4pmPST so uh…Go watch.

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December 8th, 2006

Call of Juarez Multiplayer Mappack

Title says it all. Techland finally released a mappack for the game, there’s 8 new ones to whet your whistle on. Worthplaying has the link.

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December 6th, 2006

Here we go

Sorry for the absence of posts the last couple of days boys and girls. I was away on a business trip and didn’t have net access. It would almost have been painful if I hadn’t been in Orlando at IITSEC. Disney’s Pleasure Island was quite fun too.
Heh Heh.
Okay, catching up a bit. I’m sure [...]

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December 1st, 2006


Cause I’m bored and someone gave me a new feature to play with.
These are obviously your standard weapon types just focus on the description for an understanding of what I was wanting if you don’t agree with the weapon type. And no, “super” weapons weren’t included for a reason.

Weapon of Choice

Minigun(lots of bullets, little accuracy)

Rocket [...]

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