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America’s Army: Overmatch

by Matt on July 12th, 2006

To help celebrate America’s Army hitting their 4th anniversary they’re getting ready to release the newest update to the government funded game. This new updates promises some great new co-op gameplay vs some beefed up AI. Should be fun. Co-op is one of the most underused gameplay features available and I’m always stoked to see games implement it.

We recognized the need for an AI that is unpredictable and gameplay that warrants replay. Therefore we could not employ the usual trappings of magically spawning enemies, triggered sequences or scripted events. All of our AI is dynamic and emergent and will react to players based on situation and circumstance. The first time you see a Commando sneaking up on a unwitting player you’ll be convinced this is something different.

Always good to see some solid AI. Really makes the gameplay much more fun when the opponents throw you off your guard and react in ways you didn’t think they would. Though if you read the post a little more closely, you’ll see a hint for America’s Army 3.

When Overmatch is released later this summer (we’re in late beta now), it will debut several new features we believe will absolutely impact how this game is played, while also speaking to the future of America’s Army is moving as we prepare to begin development of America’s Army 3 on the UnrealEngine 3 platform.

So a doubly good post for the folks who enjoy America’s Army.

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