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FPS Rantings

Episodic Content

by Matt on June 26th, 2006

While surfing the intArw3b we all know and love. I happened across this person’s view of the new trend in gaming culture. Episodic Content. He’s written two parts to the “rant”. The first one taking a stab at FPS games that are doing this, (HL2, SiN, Battlefield 2) and the way in which they do it. He brings some very valid points to the table and I tend to agree with him. The second part picks up with his view on MMORPGs which, even he admits, are a different breed for getting new content.

It’s a great read, voicing some good opinions on how episodic content is a new way to get the consumer in the wallet without really having to do much. While on one side you have the view of getting a continuation of the game play and “story” every few months as opposed to 6 years (in HL2’s case) but on the other you have a disjointed incomplete storyline you have to remember every time a new episode comes out. Think about your favorite TV series. Now, instead of a weekly continuation, bump it up to a month. I don’t know about you, but I forget a lot in a month. It’s a mixed bag and I’m not entirely sure I like the concept as a whole. I don’t enjoy waiting 6 years for a new game, but at the same time, I don’t want to spend 20 bucks every 3 months for a couple of hours of unfulfilled storyline. It gets to be more annoying than anything, especially when answers aren’t given. Sure you have to build up questions first, but make sure to answer a few along the way or you end up with a game full of questions and an empty userbase.

The next part talks about MMORPGs and he kinda seems to fizzle out here. Understandably though, considering how differently these types of games handle new content, and the fact that his ire doesn’t seem to be directed at them. While they do push new content to people in an episodic kind of way, they do it in such a manner that they give you plenty for what you pay for. Also many times they release free content along the way just to bolster the game and give it some finesse for the people currently playing. Then they release big packs for retail containing much more than the average update/patch/issue normally would.

All in all it’s a well worded and argued rant and worth the read in case you want to debate with him about it or agree completely. Either’s good.

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