Can we get a game title that doesn’t need a colon?? Or an acronymn.


Boys over at FiringSquad scored an interview with one of the lead guys from the makers of Alliance:The Silent War. A new game promising to take you through time on a journey of gun lovin.

At first we really just wanted this massive collection of firearms from throughout the 20th century- bigger and more exhaustive than anything that had ever been done- and really well researched and modeled, from a ballistics standpoint. We then scratched our heads and thought, “huh, now how do we string this together into a coherent story?” Hokey ideas like time travel were out of the question, so we really hunkered down and started crafting a story that logically drew all the time periods together.

So basically they whipped up a game to show off their gun fantasies. Hopefully, for us what they whip up will be good. Reading the interview the game will basically take you through different eras and wars and you’ll get to play with the shiny guns of that time. Don’t worry. These guys are enthusiasts. Those guns will be as accurate as they can get them.

As far as the weapons are concerned, a good number of us are avid shooters and military buffs, and nearly every piece in the game is vetted by us with accurate photographs, and oftentimes, hands-on experience.

What actually interested me most about the game was the multiplayer aspect. How many of you have had conversations with friends about how World War I would have been over in 5 minutes had someone had an Uzi?

Certainly not I.

Well if you have then rejoice!

so that, for example, one side might have up to 30 people, but be limited only to weaponry produced in Eastern Europe and Asia from 1919 to 1937. The other team would have the opposite selection- only weapons, say, post 1980 and from the West, but be limited in team size to only 5 or 6 people.

That actually sounds really kinda fun in a way. Horribly unfair, but a great way to show off just how far gun technology has advanced over time.

Gametrailers has a few vids up of some gameplay and game engine showcasing. The engine looks really nice as they tried to focus on outdoor lighting and whatnot instead of dark tunnels/corridors. A friend asked me the other day why all these games have to take place at night in dark offices or tunnels, I kinda shrugged and voiced my agreement. Looks like these guys thought the same thing and so hopefully we’ll be spending most of our time outside on this one.

Watching the gameplay trailer you get a good idea of just how much of a hard-on these guys have for guns. Almost the 1/3 of the trailer is them showing you how you can search for guns and how many guns they have for you to choose from. Wow. It looked really good what they’ve done, but..Wow. Then they get into the real gameplay of fighting. It seems pretty decent. I would like to see some of the cross-era fighting, but nonetheless the game didn’t feel like it would suck horribly.

Here’s looking forward to a ‘07 Holiday release.

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