So I caught wind of Field Ops. This game that’s trying to merge FPS and RTS gameplay. Firing Squad has an interview with the Producer and Lead Designer.

I wasn’t horribly impressed with what I read. Sure it sounds neat, but these two guys throw in so many phrases like

Unlike other traditional RTS games, there are real bullets flying around in Field Ops - it’s a truly dangerous world.


Our state of the art, in-house developed physics engine provides our game with unprecedented gameplay elements.

Sure. They’re entitled to boast about what they’re doing. It’s their project. They love it. I’m sure they’re thrilled with it. But there’s only so much “OMGAWESOME” I can read.

Anyhow, the game is set with real world events, you’re the American special forces or whatever, and you’re fighting terrorism(oh boy). At any point in gameplay you can switch in and out of the two modes (RTS/FPS) and take the battle straight to the enemy or command on high moving your troops into position and take resources? I’m not sure about that last part. There may or may not be the traditional resource gathering in this game. They could just give you a bunch of units and that’s all ya get.

You’re not limited to just shooting things while in FPS mode. You can take control of vehicles and drive around and shoot things. Multiplayer mode will allow FPS players and RTS players to finally bridge that gap and play together. Forming a new bond of brother/sister hood that will unite gamers across the lands and we will rise up and declare our bond as sacred and never to be broken and



Game (according to them) is due out Q1 2007.

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