We first saw some screens of this from E3 and everyone kinda looked at it and thought “Half-Life 2 meets Call of Duty” and well, I can see the resemblence and understand where they’re coming from, but maybe this interview from 1up will change how you feel.

Probably not. As the game is still slated for the PS3 and as far as I know the PS3 is still six hundred effing dollars. That’s right. effing dollars. Of course I’m just bashing the PS3 at this point and not the game. So let’s move on to that. What kinda struck me in the interview was when Ted Price (the guy they question) talks about the weapons and how they’re bringing over all their Ratchet and Clank expertise.

With each weapon having multiple uses and often effective when used in combination with others, players can do a lot of experimentation on what works best (and is most enjoyable) against the many different types of enemies in the game. Plus, since each of our enemies has unique behavior as well, effective weapons strategy is pretty essential to making it through the game.

Now, I’m all for variety, and I never played Ratchet and Clank, but in a gritty first person shooter (which they’re billing it as) having 40 different options when I come across an enemy can only mean a couple of things.

1. I get so confused with what weapons to use and in what combination to use them in that the enemy kills me.

2. None of the weapon combinations I use seem to make a difference. The enemy still dies. I just get to choose whether or not it’s with green or blue bullets.

3. I ignore all the weapon combinations and most of the guns and use just one or two during the entire game until I reach a certain point when they force me to use a certain gun because I just picked it up. (They always do)

4. Weapon combining becomes a Ratchet and Clank mini-game that you play in the heat of battle.

5. Everything works perfectly and weapon combining becomes the new trendy thing to do in FPS games.

I think you can choose for yourself which one will more than likely apply.

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