Sorry all for the break in news, took a bit of a vacation, doesn’t look like a whole lot went on this weekend anyways.

Bungie, however, decided to bring up some more news on their port of Halo 2 to Microsoft’s new “gamer” OS, Windows Vista. They answer some major questions and hopefully quell some of the rumors running about.

One of the questions regarding DirectX 10 actually brought another article to my attention. You won’t need DX10 for Halo 2, but according to Xbit Labs, you will need Windows Vista for the DX10 upgrade.

During a DirectX 10-related event in London, UK, Richard Huddy, ATI Technologies’ software developers relations chief, said that Microsoft’s Vista will integrate DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 APIs for different types of hardware, but the current Windows XP will not get DirectX 10 support, as suggested some rumours earlier. For end users this means that to get the most advantages of the new-generation graphics processing units (GPUs), the new OS will be required.

However, their site is currently down. So don’t be surprised when the link doesn’t work. I’ll post it anyways just incase they come back up later.

Sucky bit of news IMO. I’m kinda tired of being forced into software upgrades. Hardware is one thing. New hardware almost always = better performance. New software though? Especially a new OS, is not something I should be forced to get.

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