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Half Life 2: Episode 1 is Golden

by Matt on May 25th, 2006

Meaning, according to Steam News, that it has finally gone gold and will be released on June 1st for your general consumption, rubbing, hugging, licking, or even just playing.
Yay Alyx!

Episode 1 will continue the “storyline” just after you’ve destroyed the citadel and you have to help Alyx and all the human vagrants fight back against the mean Combine blah blah. We were all there at the end of the game. Didn’t Gordon get taken away? Shoved into his “happy place” and left until wanted again? I mean sure, the G-Man/his Employers/whatever could have had use for him, but it just seems odd that they’d lock him away only to bring him right back out 10 minutes later.

Who am I kidding though? I know I’m gonna get it. Can kiss my Friday night good-bye.

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