After that riveting game of UT, the next day I came into work, sat down checked my e-mail and promptly resumed the task at hand.

Administering the website.


Making my paper quake models!
I finished cutting out the rest of the arm pieces and began some assembly. Quickly reading through the instructions on Mountain folds and Valley folds, which actually was probably the best part of the instructions, because they sucked.

Yay Folding!
Anyways, folds learned and pieces cut out, I quickly set my fingers to the nimble task of folding my way through the countryside, through the valleys and mountains.

I’m going along at a good clip as you can tell from the picture above. I did some folding, I did some glueing. Then I hit a sort of an impasse. I can’t really figure out what pieces connect to which ones. Or rather how they’re supposed to connect. I have this jumble of pixelated, color paper on my desk that doesn’t really seem to want to match up and play nice. But puzzles aren’t so bad, I kinda like em, so I stick with it. Until..I get to these pieces.
That's just mean
Each one of those dotted lines have to be folded. They’re not very big. My thumb almost covered up the entire thing. I kinda managed a couple, they weren’t happy about it, and I wasn’t sure how I was gonna glue it, but..well no. They weren’t happy and neither was I. The other pieces weren’t fitting together, and my fingers hurt from all the tiny folding and the giant gluestick I had was kinda overkill for the little things. I stopped and looked down at the mess of paper before me. I remembered I didn’t play Quake much back in the day. Plus it’s harder to pretend I’m doing webwork when I have glue and box cutters and half assembled(okay one quarter) paper models on my desk.

I sighed and then decided I’d give the project ye old
Screw you hippehs!
and be done with it.

For good.

teh winnAr!

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