My journey into FPS Origami begins! I printed out the patterns and the instructions, got myself a box cutter and I’m ready to go!
They let me play with sharp tools
My task before me, I completely ignore my real work and set about cutting out each tiny..little…blasted…miniature…piece. I actually chose not to go with the heavier card paper like he suggests because I don’t have any of the glue listed in the instructions. So I figured I would try it with 28lb paper and would be able to use a glue stick to hold it together. Cause I’m a pioneer like that. Yeah.
Things were going well until the boss called for a UT 2004 office tournament. He had been talkin some smack on Friday and we had decided Monday would be a good time back up his words. We played the rest of the work day. I’ll update with more pics as I continue my arts and crafts for FPS games.

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4 Responses to “Quake Arts and Crafts con’t”

  1. Aaron Brazell Says:

    Nice. Knowing where you work, I’ve just got to shake my head in disbelief. :D

  2. Ingrid Says:

    Your job confounds. :)

  3. Patrick Says:

    I want to see the real stuff!

  4. Matt Says:

    Aaron: Oh it wasn’t that bad. We started at 2:30 - 3. I was done at 5. They continued playing until like 6 or so.

    Ingrid: It’s okay! I’ll tell people what I do and where I work and what goes on there and they still don’t know what I do for a living ;)

    Patrick: You mean the fully assembled models? Cause they’re in a link in a previous post

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