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Huxley Trailer Continued

by Matt on May 18th, 2006

Another trailer? Damnit. Yes. E3 just happened, expect a lot of these while the gaming companies settle down and get back to working.

This one is a continuation of the first trailer that came up. It picks up a little towards the end of the first one and then finishes up with another sorta cliff hanger moment.

I dunno. I’m always impressed with how little they think the girls in these games should wear. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the female form, I just find it amusing that they think a girl going out into battle would wear metal bras and thongs.

If you notice it’s an in-engine trailer. Not an in-game trailer. Meaning that I’m still a little concerned with what the game will truly look like. Gabe over at Penny-Arcade posted some quick thoughts on it since he was at E3 and he wasn’t too impressed. So, we’ll see.

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