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SiN Episode 1 thoughts

by Matt on May 15th, 2006

So I broke down on Thursday, I think it was and bought Episode 1 off Steam. Let it download all night. Came home after work on Friday and played some. Finished the game up on Saturday. It plays much longer than I thought it would. I guess I was just expecting it to be incredibly short and I was constantly waiting for it to end, but it keeps going.

The game starts you off looking up at Miss Sinclaires’ excessive..assets and she’s talking to some guy about stuff and you and what they did to you, but I don’t remember specifically what. All I can remember thinking was “Wow those are bouncy.” Hopefully I didn’t miss anything relating to the plotline. My, what large.. plans.. you haveThey talk for a bit, someone comes and busts you out and you run around following her and you eventually escape. It’s a while before you can actually really do anything. However, it’s not too long before they place a gun in your hands and you get to shoot people. In the head. The pistol they give you is great for that. I think I used it more than any other gun. Sure, I can lay waste with my shotgun or assault rifle (guns you get later) but when one bullet to the head puts them down cleanly and quickly…why bother with anything else?

Before I started the game I set my difficulty slider and helper slider both to roughly the middle, I wanted some challenge and I didn’t want the game to help me if I had a little trouble in certain spots. After the first 5 soliders you'd think they would stop standing there The game ended up not being overly difficult with only a few spots giving me some frustration. It goes along at a good pace and there’s not much downtime inbetween fights. One of the neater things the game gives you is a stat checker so you can see how you’re doing. There’s a TON of metrics they measure on and they give you an overall rating or final grade so you can boast to your friends or if it’s not so great, try to improve upon.

It’s amusing listening to your partner in the game Jessica Cannon, every time I heard her I couldn’t help but think of Cortana. It’s funny because she actually had an active role in this game, meaning she had a body and she got to run around and shoot things and yet, surprisingly, she’s delegated to being a voice in your ear most of the time. Oh well.

Overall the game played and felt very much like a well done HL2 mod. I know they’re using the source engine but it still had a strong Half Life 2 feel to it. The voice acting I think really carried it to helping it not suck. SiN Episode 1 came off as a solid shooter with some great voice acting, but nothing that would make it stand out. Was it worth the 20 bucks? I’d have to say so. Will the next episode be worth another 20? I don’t know about that. If they drop it to the $15 range I’ll consider it, but I’m not so sold for another $20. Oh and after you beat the game, stick around through the end of the credits. Quite an amusing end they throw in. Think of it like sticking around after a Jackie Chan movie so you can see the bloopers/outtakes. It’s not quite the same, but still a funny watch.

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