This game has slipped under my radar for a bit. I had heard mention of it before but hadn’t really paid it any mind. A co-worker described the game as “gun pornography” which I’m sure with that one phrase will skyrocket my google searchability. I recently looked the game up having seen the news of it going gold and watched a few trailers here and there.

There’s a lot of shooting. I like shooting. According to the trailers you’re part of a secret special blah blah and no one knows blah blah. You’re like terrorists for the Americans or some nonsense. I don’t know. The game looks very nice for being on the xbox and PS2. It’s made by the same folks who did Burnout and so it’s using that game engine. Which means lots of destructible goodness. Possibly even, the environmental kind. Yeah. Whatever happened to Red Faction? Oh. That’s right. They made a sequel that sucked. Moving on.

The few reviews that I’ve seen about the game have given it fairly high marks 7.5’s and some 8s. About what you’d expect. Though I have yet to play the game so I can’t vouch for it. Though I’ve noticed that my views often differ from everyone else’s so maybe I’ll just hate it out of spite! Hah! Naw, I’ll give my thoughts about it honestly. Though it is an Xbox game and do so loathe console shooters. Hopefully it’ll be a nice change of pace. It looks to be a gritty game, and not gritty in the WWII sense with all of their antiquated guns, but gritty with a meaty feel of a big mean gun that let’s you feel like a big man as you mow down your enemies as they scream in terror. Some may argue about insecurity issues here, but they can bite me whatever.

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  1. Justin Says:

    It’s good that a game with destructable enviroments got a decent rating. Usually they bomb.

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