Is it me? Or are gamers getting a bit more mouthy when it comes to our games and the development behind them? Not that there’s anything wrong with this. I whole heartedly agree with gamers taking a stance on what we will and will not stand for. The only way to effect change is to make your voice heard. Whether people want to hear it or not.

Game companies need to learn that gamers aren’t taking too kindly to just having crappy games shoved upon them like so many games of the past. We’re getting tired of spending our hard-earned money on crap. I don’t expect games to always be the most wonderful, awesome, revolutionary achievement of the century, but I do expect to get my money’s worth. I replayed Freespace 2 this weekend. That game came out in like what? ‘99? And I still enjoy playing it again. I’ve played it over and over countless times and each time it brings something new and it’s still fun. You don’t come across that anymore in these games. You play through it once maybe twice and then you’ve had your fill. I’m not quite sure what’s missing from the games nowadays, a deeper plot? More immersion within the story? Who knows. But it’s definately something we could use a resurgeance of.

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  1. Justin Says:

    I know exactly what you mean!!!

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