Okay. So. We’ve got Halo on the Xbox. Later released on the PC. It was alright. They left out the co-op one of the biggest boons to the game imo, and the controls were all still mapped like a gamepad. Whatever.

Halo 2 gets released and we all wait and wonder when they’ll make a PC port. Well it’s finally come. In a way. Apparently you have to have Windows Vista in order to play Halo 2 for the PC. Now this just rings my WTF?! bell. I mean seriously. I would have to get a different version of Windows just to play this game? I mean. I know the Halo series is hugely popular, but I seriously doubt Microsoft’s wisdom on this call. I don’t really know how many people would go and upgrade to Vista just so they could play Halo 2 on the PC. Vista had better be daymn good in order for someone to grab it. And they’d better throw in Halo 2 for free. I’m not kiddin. This is a poor-ass incentive in my eyes for someone to get their product. I’m touched that they’re thinking that gamers are a big enough market to try and cater to but…sh*t. What the hell guys?!

Looking around I found another official post off of Bungie’s main site. They go into more depth and detail than that little blurb on my previous link. Ahh yes, here comes the sugar coating and Bungie takes another fistfull of dollars up the *ss.

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3 Responses to “Halo 2 and Windows Vista”

  1. Griffin Says:

    Uh i intend to get Vista even without Halo 2. Dude, its a new OS, i dont care if they copied the Apple ‘widgets’ and called them “gadgets” Im pumped.

  2. Matt Says:

    Just because it’s a new OS doesn’t mean it’ll be good. Remember Windows Millenium?! Yeah. That was AWESOME!!! Hell I don’t even know what Vista is supposed to be. From what I’ve read it looked like just a multimedia enhanced version of XP, though I’m more than likely wrong.

  3. barbex Says:

    Good $deity, WinME, don’t even say it out loud!

    I agree, just because it is a new OS doesn’t mean it will be so great. I’ll wait for at least a year to have someone else do the public beta test they call selling.
    And to tie it to a game? That sounds quite desperate, I mean this OS is supposed to be the digital center of the universe or at least your home, to run and control everything. Halo may or may not be great but it is still just a game! Hardly the main task for an OS.

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