As any reader who follows this blog regularly knows. I don’t like hype. So many games get an extraordinary amount and then they just fail to be anything. I mean sure. Nothing can live up to the hype it gets, but a lot of games can’t live up to just being good. I recently saw a post over at Evil Avatar that discussed such a topic. Most of the comments are about FPS games which is unsurprising, though being a forum post it tends to degrade into a flame war here and there, but they tend to keep mostly on topic. I would have to definately agree with the Halo series being extremely overrated. As well as the GTA games. I’m interested in what games other people think were overrated. Games that when you finally got it, and played it, that the first thought that came to your mind was “This is it?”

2 Responses to “Most Overrated games”

  1. Griffin Says:

    in no way is any halo game overrated. GTA yes, but halo no.

  2. Matt Says:

    Halo 2 was waayyy overrated. My first thought when I started playing was “This is it?” and then it ended so abruptly and then I was thinking “That was it?”

    Don’t get me wrong. The game was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it just wasn’t worth the press time it got.

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