As we all know, Planetside hasn’t been doing to well. My roommate got an e-mail from them recently letting him reactive his account for a free month or something. I, however, got no such e-mail. Hmph. Their official forums seem to be planning a bit more.

What do you do when your game isn’t doing well and you want more people to play? Why it’s easy of course. Let them play for free. Yup. According to the post you can play free for 12 months. Wow. 1 Year of free playing. Even if they do limit the account some what, meaning you can’t attain certain ranks and don’t have access to all the guns. That’s still a long time to get hooked so then you’ll want to upgrade to a paying account. Very clever marketing strategy on their part. How well will it work? I’m not sure. Free is a very powerful word to use and by using it, they’re making this sort of a last ditch effort to get people to bolster their ranks. I don’t know what changes have been made since last time I played, but unless they’ve gotten the game to a more appealing stage for more people, they could make it free without any restrictions and it won’t help them any.

Anyways, here’s to hoping their plan works and Planetside becomes a thriving and full community of people shooting one another.

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One Response to “Planetside Free?”

  1. Nix Says:

    You know, the damned thing wouldn’t be staggering along like it is if they would just advertise it already! SOE gave up on us :( I also got no such reactivate message, but i will still try to log in… couldn’t hurt?

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