I remember having seen a video of this somewhere. I can’t remember where though. It didn’t look too bad. The blood effect on the screen, while somewhat novel, looked like it just got in the way. Yes, my screen is bloody from my own body and possibly that of the thousand other evil Nazis I just killed. Great. Now I can’t see where I’m shooting and that’s bad because I can’t kill more Nazis. And as we all know, killing the Nazis is an important crusade in a game like this.

Oh, and don’t forget, because we have Nazis that must mean…yup you guessed it. More World War II. How quaint. Uber Soldier diverts somewhat in that it delves into the mysteries of the secret Nazi experiments that they conducted during this time. Not the historically accurate ones mind you, that might be a tad much. No, these experiments were about bringing back dead soldiers and sure enough they succeed and these re-animated soliders have super powers and what not. That’s why they’re “Uber“. Though, I will admit, it is a change of pace from all of the realistic WWII shooters out there. The consolation from that alone is enough to make me all teary eyed. You know how your eyes water when you get one of those really big yawns?? Yeah.

Anyways, the game looks decent enough (graphics wise) and it seems to promise a lot of action. A quote from their site reads as

As the German officer Karl Stolz who died in a rebel ambush, you’ve been used as raw material to create one of the initial UberSoldiers. Strike down the Nazi forces with 16 different authentic World War 2 weapons in 12 amazing levels. Use your wrath and unbelievable powers to eliminate the forces of evil!

I can hardly contain myself.

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