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FPS rantings

My game could beat your game

by Matt on January 11th, 2006

Rejoice my minions!! (All 2 of you)

We’re a great little community here at b5 and as such sometimes our posts cross over and can relate to someone else’s blog. Well such a thing has happened over at Play-Designs. The lovely Amber posted a recent topic about making your own FPS game and through..various channels, contacts, underground resistances, secret forum posts and the subtle passing of notes at the train station I was able to find out about it and as of such have made it known, to you.

You owe me.
And I always collect.

Side note this one is only $50 bucks and if you didn’t know the guys over at Garage Games also have an engine you can pick up and use. Theirs last time I looked was $100. That’s the Torque engine. They’re a good bunch of guys and that’s the engine they used for Tribes 2. So you have plenty of options. Just need to find out what suits you best.

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