In a recent post I talked about the Doom movie and the possibility of a Wolfenstein one. Well. Last night I had the opportunity to see Blood Rayne.
It was painful. You can seen in a recent post from the Play-Girlz that Ingrid managed to post some quick thoughts I had on the movie. Let me express that those do not delve into the horrors of what I saw. Some of the fights scenes were so badly done that I had to look away because it hurt that much to watch them. Why am I bringing this up? Blood Rayne wasn’t an FPS game.


I was on the IMDB site and I was looking at Uwe Boll’s recent films. He’s the guy responsible for this attrocity. And I saw that he has some how gotten the rights to Far Cry.

It is here that I wish to express my sincerest condolences to my friend Dennis at work who is an avid player of this game. I can only hope that we find some way to stop Uwe Boll before he continues on with his mass slaughter of our beloved games. I very much hope that “Fear Effect” one of this newer projects on that board is not based off the game F.E.A.R. If it is, then just please…look away. As there may be some crying involved.

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  1. Patrick Says:

    If you had seen Japanese original version of The Ring - Sadako, you would know how to what is FEAR.

  2. FPS rantings: where the bias is almost as strong as the opinions » Doom Movie Says:

    […] So I picked up the Doom movie on Tuesday. I had yet to see it and I had heard that it wasn’t so great, but I still had to have it. I went in with low expectations of what I was going to see and was rather surprised that it didn’t suck that bad. I mean. I saw Blood Rayne so no movie can ever be that bad and I can only go up. And for the most part. Doom does this. It’s exactly what I thought it would be. The cheap action flick that it was meant to be. […]

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