Bit of an interesting topic. Though it’s going to be obviously one-sided the way I talk about it. Heh heh.

Bit of news this morning that UT2007 was going to be released on both the PS3 and PC. There was some confusion as to which one it would go to first, and I’m glad that Epic/Atari made the right call in putting it on the PC initially. Why? Because frankly, consoles are awful for FPS games. The two thumbstick control is a limiting and poor implementation of movement/mouselook/strafing. I’ve played Halo on the PC and I’ve played it on the Xbox. While both were fun, and the Xbox possibly more so because of the co-op, the PC version I was able to play through more quickly and at a higher difficulty. Why again? (don’t worry these are rhetorical, I’ll answer for you) Because I had better control with a mouse and keyboard set up than I did with those blasted thumbsticks. Now, this could just be because I’ve had more experience and time with a mouse and keyboard, but I feel that if you got a couple of equally skilled players in Halo, gave one the mouse and keyboard, gave the other the gamepad and set them loose against each other. That the one with the mouse and keyboard would win. All of this being said, putting 2K7 on the PC first is a very wise move.

Now, don’t get me wrong, consoles have their uses and some games are much better on them than on the PC and I can understand why developers put FPS games on consoles, but people need to understand that if they want their FPS game to do well, they need to stick it on a PC. Of course everyone is going to point out how well Halo did. And you know what? Halo did well because it brought in a whole new crowd of people. The jocks and frat boys, who tend to be console players waiting for their next Madden or GTA fix. Halo had a co-op mode in which they could play together and then multiplayer coupled with Xbox live and it was a hit.

If anyone remembers, I actually still have a magazine somewhere, Halo was originally supposed to be for the PC first. Then Microsoft waved a few dollar bills, bought Bungie, and took what they wanted. So once they did their Xbox thing, they decided they might as well give back to us PC folks and they gave us a port. *sigh* I really don’t like ports. Playing Halo on the PC feels clunky, rough and slow. I do enjoy the game, it has a good storyline and is quite fun, but I’ve played better. That’s right. Better. If you frat boys took the beer out of your hands once in a while, sat down at a PC and played a few FPS games on it, you’d be amazed at what you were missing, and Halo would be nothing but a sidenote in console history.

(Let the flaming begin)

4 Responses to “PC or Console”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I agree with you that FPS games are designed for PC, just like fighting games are designed for arcades.

    I have played Street Fighter 2 to KOF on Nintendo, Sega, PS and the Xbox but I always have trouble executing super, finishing moves with my controller.

    In the end, I was owned by my gf…^^

    Just stick WASD to FPS games will be fine for the next 10 years…

  2. Nathan Smart Says:

    Just wait till you try FPS games on the Revolution - you will change your mind.

    At least according to all the previews of the controller.

  3. Matt Says:

    True. That may change things. But that falls more into my “Hype Machine” post and I’ll wait for someone else to try it before I start counting chickens.

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