While the news of this game might not be entirely new to anyone, I’d like to explore the idea behind it some. MMOFPS. The mere acronym boggles my mind. I played Planetside, found it fun and enjoyable, but most people didn’t seem to care too much about it and the game never really caught on. So now we have another game trying to make a big breakthrough into this genre. I’m not sure what to make of it. On the one hand I’m excited about FPS games getting a new spin thrown onto them, but on the other I’m interested in how they’ll handle it. The biggest concern with MMORPGs is the “end-game” as it’s often called, when you reach that max level and then you’re stuck with the “Now what do I do” line of thinking. Make another character and go through everything again? Oh boy. I can barely get past level 20 in most of those games without losing interest. Though those tend to be more of a social club than a serious game. And alas, I was never popular. But moving on and pushing aside awful, awful memories of kickball in grade school, I wonder of the goals of these games. Planetside you moved from planet to planet taking and capturing bases so …you could get bonuses to your empire I think it was. So you were constantly traveling to different locales to do the same thing over and over again with no real goal or end in sight, besides leveling up and getting more abilities. I like to “beat” things, good thing I’m not married (I say that in jest ladies). To feel accomplished. Ending a game and knowing I did something. Sure getting levels and new abilities fills some of that need, but if there’s no real end in view then I quickly begin to lose interest and I feel this is the same for a lot of FPS gamers. MMORPG folks are a different breed and they don’t mind doing the same thing for 10 hours at a time with no real reward, except for the occasional glowing sword of smiting +3.




I like the idea of combining these two styles of play and I think if it was done correctly that it would be a great addition to any gamer’s stack of games. Developers just need to get the right balance of the two and need to put in some more goal oriented play. Following a storyline is what FPS gamers are used to. Give them a good solid story they can follow as they go to help drive them and give them something to work for, and I think you’ll win their praise. MMORPGs are doing well on their own and so following suit of WoW or CoH/CoV type of play would satisfy their needs.

I can only hope things like this work out. Because then everyone wins.

(Well not everyone. But if you don’t like FPS games you don’t deserve to)

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