demo binary options Evil Avatar has the skinny on the latest patch for F.E.A.R. which includes a good roll of goodies and fixes, like Punkbuster support, multiplayer kick vote (get rid of those llamas), 3 new maps! and an updated SDK and dedicated server files. That’s quite a patch. Especially for version 1.03

A lot of previews lately. Things are shaping up to look fairly good once all these release. More than like there will be a few duds, but we’re almost always guaranteed one or two good games. Just the law of averages. Anyways, while technically not a successor to Far Cry, this game is by the same folks. 1up scored a preview of the game and the technology behind it and they’ve got a quick 2 page article up with some very pretty screenshots. I’m really excited with the way games are going now. They’re starting to look really good. I remember back in time when we were impressed with a game’s CGI intro movies, and now the game is looking as good as those CGI movies, if not better. Very cool. So yeah. Go look at the pretty pictures.

cryptocurrency broker singapore A while back I mentioned the game Huxley. It’s an MMOFPS game using the Unreal 3 engine. While still in development some screenshots over at Worthplaying have recently come out, along with a quick blurb about some features. Mmmm Feeding your FPS and MMORPG addiction all at the same time. That’s just….evil..heh..heh..

best options trading platform singapore This game has a lot of people looking forward to it. The Quake scene has been a bit dry (multiplayer wise) lately. Quake 3 Arena isn’t quite what it used to be and so now here we have it’s supposed successor. 1up has a very nice article on the subject and while Quake Wars comes after Quake 3, it’s storyline is based before Quake II. Interesting. Tribes did this with Vengeance. Lucas has done this with his Star Wars. A lot of going back and “fixing” things if you ask me. But whatever. The article doesn’t really delve into much about the game so much as the technical aspects of making the game look the way it does. It’s still a good read though and offers a lot of insight into how they used the Doom 3 engine and what kind of things they have to go through to get textures and lighting to look a certain way.

RJ: The other QUAKE universe games were a big influence, and we were very aware that DOOM 3 had raised the bar for FPS visuals, but we really didn’t get a great deal of inspiration from other games. We were after a look and feel we hadn’t seen in a game before, so we tended to go with real-world photo reference rather than other people’s concept art or game models. For the environments we drew heavily on photos of Chernobyl and the Iraq wars. We wanted to get a balance between a dilapidated, deserted environment that’s fallen into disrepair, and one that’s war-torn and battle-damaged.

I’m definitely looking forward to this game. I miss the huge sci-fi player battles that were in the Tribes series. WWII is fun and all but sometimes you really just want a plasma gun, and I don’t think BF2 has any of those. Quake Wars looks really pretty and I’m almost afraid of what kind of specs will be needed to run the game at its prettiest. Needed an excuse to upgrade that video card anyways.

Joystiq has a post about the rumormill running rampant about the possibility of F.E.A.R. becoming a title for the Xbox 360. I usually find it very interesting when PC games move to a console. I’m always curious to see how to they try to map all the controls to the various 8 buttons they have available and in what ways they change the game. (If at all) I would think going from a PC to console would be easier in terms of porting, but then I stopped and thought about it. With a console they’ve got one system to basically code the game for (unless it’s crossplatform) so to take it from there, they now have to make it compatible with many different systems. Different video cards, different processors, and different controls. The control scheme has to be squashed down and made to fit on a gamepad so that it’s actually useable. FEAR had a lot of controls. I’m curious to see how they’ll implement them. And that affects the game completely, if they dont’ have room for all the stuff you can do, or if it’s just not as a simple a task as it was on the PC, that tends to hinder game play. But whatever. More press time for the games you like is a good thing right?!

Okay. So. We’ve got Halo on the Xbox. Later released on the PC. It was alright. They left out the co-op one of the biggest boons to the game imo, and the controls were all still mapped like a gamepad. Whatever.

Halo 2 gets released and we all wait and wonder when they’ll make a PC port. Well it’s finally come. In a way. Apparently you have to have Windows Vista in order to play Halo 2 for the PC. Now this just rings my WTF?! bell. I mean seriously. I would have to get a different version of Windows just to play this game? I mean. I know the Halo series is hugely popular, but I seriously doubt Microsoft’s wisdom on this call. I don’t really know how many people would go and upgrade to Vista just so they could play Halo 2 on the PC. Vista had better be daymn good in order for someone to grab it. And they’d better throw in Halo 2 for free. I’m not kiddin. This is a poor-ass incentive in my eyes for someone to get their product. I’m touched that they’re thinking that gamers are a big enough market to try and cater to but…sh*t. What the hell guys?!

Looking around I found another official post off of Bungie’s main site. They go into more depth and detail than that little blurb on my previous link. Ahh yes, here comes the sugar coating and Bungie takes another fistfull of dollars up the *ss.

So I picked up the Doom movie on Tuesday. I had yet to see it and I had heard that it wasn’t so great, but I still had to have it. I went in with low expectations of what I was going to see and was rather surprised that it didn’t suck that bad. I mean. I saw Blood Rayne so no movie can ever be that bad and I can only go up. And for the most part. Doom does this. It’s exactly what I thought it would be. The cheap action flick that it was meant to be.


My biggest beef with the film is that they keep saying that “Hell will break loose” and stuff in the previews and yet..well. For those of us who played Doom we know that you basically get sent to Hell from a Mars research facility and you have to deal with the invasion. The movie makes no note of this, instead saying these creatures are men who have been transformed by a 24th Chromosome that turns them into monsters because they’re basically evil men. Good hearted/soul men will get super human powers instead. It was somewhat of a disappointing turn but oh well.


Also an interesting note is their jump into the First Person perspective near the end of the movie. It was kind of neat to watch and a little stomach turning. He moves around in some ways that kind of throw you off. I think my main problem was a lack of a cross-hair. I couldn’t focus on a particular point and everything was moving and spinning. I didn’t get too nauseous but I could feel the beginnings of it if I watched any more. While it was a cool look into a new movie “filming” technique it was a bit rough in syncing up the monster reactions with the gun and camera movements. But whatever. All in all it wasn’t too bad.

Shout out to Jonic over at Re-Retro. He forwarded this interesting link to me.

It’s a 45 minute documentary on First Person Shooters. You know. The reason you all supposedly come here. I haven’t had time to watch it so I may comment on it later. I do have other responsibilities you know.

I’m fairly certain it’s a serious look at the genre and the whole “Gamer” thing. Be quite an interesting read I think. So yeah. Go. Watch it. I’ll discuss more later when I’ve had time to watch it.

Okay so I’ve watched it. I’m about half an hour in and I just can’t take it anymore. It’s a completely negative look on the First Person Shooter and games in general. Basically you’ve got a father who’s worried that his son is playing too much and he’s worried about what he’s playing. Now, he’s got a good start. Father trying to take interest in his son’s activities and trying to be a responsible parent. I give him props for that. But the way he goes about it is just wrong. He takes drastic measures and has the kid rebel against him. Well no sh*t.

It’s very interesting to watch the viewpoints of parents and to see how they perceive these games. They all take an immediate negative stance and all the parents try to take extreme action to stop their kids. Albeit some cases are worse than others. One lady explains as she tried to stop her son by turning of his “harddrive” (heh) and he grabbed her arm, twisted it and threw a coffee table across the room. Obviously the kid has some anger management issues. And then there are other stories of parents who have fought with their kids about the whole gaming thing. I think a lot of the problem comes from not understanding.

These parents don’t really know about the games they just see violence and slaughter and killing and they panic and try to pull the plug. And honestly, how would they like it if they were engrossed in something they enjoyed and suddenly someone came along and tried to rip out of their hands. My father has told me stories of how my grandmother was very much against him playing cards because it was a “devil’s” game or something. Cards for crying out loud. But that’s the way it was. Parent’s don’t understand things and so they react in a way that does not help the situation.

Parent’s need to better understand what the game is about and what’s going on in it. All through-out the documentary I heard wrong descriptions and poor terminology use about the games. These people seem to be very computer illiterate and that even further hampers their ability to grasp the situation. It’s truly sad. People are striking out at things they don’t understand and are only making the situation that much worse. They talk to one guy at E3, one of the CS developers, and he makes a very good point that all through history people have rebelled against things, swing dance, rock and roll, movies, and now video games. These are just the next scape-goat for people unable to control their children.

Now, to be fair, they do raise some good points about these games teaching kids how to “kill”. Or rather, they’re teaching them good tactics. Which, frankly, I find is a great thing. Sure you have the bad eggs who lose it and go off on a shooting rampage and now they’ll be more efficient at it. But on the flip side, you’ll have 5 other kids who didn’t go bad with the same gaming experience going after the kid who has lost it. They’ll know how he thinks and what he’s planning. Games teach people a new way of looking at situations and how to react to them. I’ve noticed that people who game tend to keep cooler heads when problems arise. Of course like I said before you’ve always got the few who just can’t handle anything. But that’s nothing new. You will always have people like this. IE the 14 year olds swearing and screaming at you because they think you cheated. But HELLO these are 14 year old kids. They’re going through a lot. Hormones, puberty, it’s not pretty.

Another thing the documentary brings up is the “flashing lights can cause seizures” warning on some of these games. They make a huge deal of it and they use it as fuel for their “righteous” fire. I don’t know what to tell these people. I’m dumbstruck at their logic here. Games have flashing lights and explosions and a lot of movement. Some kids are more susceptible to this than others. They have seizures. You can’t blame it on the game. And yes while the game is technically the cause, the kid has a sort of a medical condition. Some people have asthma. Are you going to blame the oxygen in the air?

Anyways. Before this posts gets even longer I just have to shake my head in pity at these poor parents who are so afraid of what’s happening in their children’s lives that they can’t take a step back and learn about it and try to understand it before they attack it.

Pity indeed.

For all your dirty Mac people who like to game on those evil, slick, smooth, aesthetic machines there’s a new patch out for you guys that does some things with the UT 2004 binaries or whatever for OS X.

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1up has had some interesting article thing going where each day they have a new feature up about the game Prey. It’s a good read and really gives you an indepth look into the game and what’s going on with it. So go. Read.